Unix for Users



Without effective training, your staff won't make the most effective use of a unix system. People will simply waste time and effort. But training can take lots of time. How do you make a trade-off?


We have done training and consulting for various different size organizations. We have developed our own courses slanted towards the business user. We have made our courses modular to avoid tying up an employee for a whole week at a time. We can also provide consulting assistance before and after training to make your organization's transition to unix a smooth one. Our course outlines are below:

Unix for Users (1 day - $275)

For students who have had minimal or superficial exposure to unix. Covers commands, documentation, shell interpreter, the file system, text editing, and printing. Includes plenty of exercises to develop proficiency. On completion students will be comfortable using unix for their own tasks.

Advanced Unix (2 days - $495)

For those who know the material in Unix for Users and now are more involved with the management of their system. Covers setting up logins, advanced file system features, understanding and writing shell procedures, controlling processes, managing disk resources, managing users, terminal support, print spooler management, overviews of communications, tcp/ip networking, inter-process communication, physical file systems and performance measuring. On completion students will be comfortable taking care of their computer system for most tasks, and will have a solid understanding for using unix to manage a business database system.

We hold regular open enrollment classes every few months. If you have more than 6 students and adequate facilities, it may make sense for us to teach a class at your site. We can also provide a unix system for onsite classes.