TimeQlock Time & Attendance

TimeQlock automates employee punch-in/punch-out activities for a manufacturing operation simply and effectively. It provides an inexpensive alternative to dedicated timeclock systems, and it is already integrated with QAD Payroll.

An extremely simple entry screen allows a terminal to be place on the shop floor for recording. Bar code or badge readers can be interfaced.

TimeQlock Uses Employee and Department information from the existing QAD system. To minimize the connection between QAD and Time & Attendence only two process rely on the QAD database.

Time is tracked by employee only. Reporting options provide for Department & Machine.

Schedules are unique for work date and employee. Multiple in/outs are allowed for an employee on the same day. Supervisor approval will be needed to mark these extra in/out entries as approved.

Entry & Maintenance Screens

Weekly Schedule Setup -Complete maintenance capability for schedules. An audit trail is kept for after the fact schedule changes. Also a pop-up window will show time already worked for the schedule day in question.

Other functions include:

Reports Provided:

Evaluation copies of TimeQlock are available, as are custom modifications for your own local requirements. Please contact us for details.

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