SMGR Pricing


(1). Software Maintenance Manager (SMGR) is available for use on Unix and derivatives such as Xenix, AIX, Ultrix, etc. It requires the Progress 4GL language version 6, 7 or 8 in either Run-time, Query Run-Time, or RDBMS form.

(2). SMGR is shipped in encrypted source format, along with data definitions for installation as a separate database or inclusion into your own database.

(3). Support is provided with SMGR for 180 days from date of installation. After this period maintenance is available for 15% of list price per year. This provides phone support, dial-in corrections if needed, and updates and/or enhancements.

(4). The above prices include the Production Manager, which is written in C. Installation requires a working C compiler. (Batteries not included...)

For Additional Details and Ordering Contact:

MNOP Ltd 4737 Habersham Ridge Lilburn, Georgia 30047

(770) 972-5430


* Shipping/Handling Charges Additional. Prices subject to change without notice. Effective 1/1/96