Switching between Letterhead and Fill-in in the Same run

We had a situation where we needed to have a cover page, which needed to use fill-in mode, and then we had a detailed summary, which was variable in size and could take multiple pages. This really needed to be done as a letterhead form.

So, versions 1.40 and higher can switch from Fill-in mode to LetterHead mode and back in the same run. Here is an example of the input to Proform to do this:

!FILE! letter1039.pcl
date,April 22, 2004
name,Mr. James R Walters
!FILE! letter1039b.pcl
Beneficiary Name:Colleen J Walters               Account Number:5900000216

This statement reflects those invoices processed or paid as of the date of this

Usage Detail:
                                                                    Qtr/   Hours Tuition       Fees

           Fee terms   Fee terms   Fee terms       Hours       Hours       Hours
           Purchased        Used   Available   Purchased        Used   Available
Semester:          8           8           0         135         135 0
Quarter:          12          12           0         202         202 0
!FILE! letter1039.pcl
date,April 22, 2004
name,Mrs. Patsy D Watson
bname,Adam C Watson
ben-name,Adam C Watson

The Switch directives belong immediately after a !PAGE! (Fill-in mode) or a CTRL-L (Letterhead Mode). And immediately after the Switch directive you need to indicate the new template name.