Proform Troubleshooting

Which Desktop Publishing Software to Use?

The ideal traits for a DTP system to use for preparation of software for use with Proform are:

Word Perfect 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1

These are the best and cleanest to use for creating Proform templates when using the WP printer drivers.

Microsoft Word

Word can be used with some important caveats:

Windows Write

We have never gotten the built-in Windows software to generate any decent templates.

Ventura Publisher

We have seen VP do some really annoying things in its printer output in relation to use with Proform, but we can't remember specifics.

If your form is so detailed that you don't want to try to lay it out with these tools, you have several other choices we are aware of:


This can work well if you are trying to scan printed forms, but some of the printer drivers are downright diabolical. The Laserjet III driver seems much cleaner than Laserjet IV.


Ecpage is a simple DOS text mode program which allows you to define each PCL element, be it a line, text, shaded box, whatever. It then generates the simplest PCL to create the result. It can be tedious to use, but for very complex forms it might be the best. Here is a copy; perhaps you can find a newer one elsewhere:


This provides a WYSIWYG view with some of the forms smarts of ECPAGE. Some clients doing really complex forms have switched to it from ECPAGE.