Consulting Services

Interfacing/Customization of Standard Applications

MNOP has made hundreds of custom modifications to QAD manufacturing systems, including reporting, interfaces to UPS, forklift terminals, shipping systems, Web delivered management/sales reporting, Client order access, barcoding of inventory and pick tickets, EDI.

We also built a system to detect BOM outliers and help ensure logical accuracy of QAD BOM. This system provides for recording boundary rules for BOM and processes to detect and report outliers.

Custom Turnkey Systems

MNOP has done Requirements analysis, design, development, maintenance and system administration for many custom applications. In most cases, MNOP provided the primary design and software development efforts.

Accounting & Financial Systems

We built a Law Firm Time Accounting and Billing System - in use in hundreds of firms, providing Time Accounting, Billing, Payable, Docket Control, General Ledger. We built a Prepaid-529 Plan Administration System, including Contract Administration, Payment processing, College Invoice validation/payments processing, Document Image handling, Audit Trails, Postal Mailing management, online application submital and secure end-user web access.

Medical Applications

We built a Medical Retrospective Drug Utilization Review (RDUR) data-warehouse, which processes all Medicaid prescription activity for dozens of states as well as several private Pharmacy Benefit Companies. This system successfully competed and won against the largest competitors in the business. The speed of the analysis process resulted in a patent application, still pending.

We built a Web-based query/data-mining system, which allows state pharmacists to effectively query a large data warehouse for cost and quality of care issues. This system helped win many states for the above RDUR system.

We built a State Medicaid CMS Rebate Invoicing and Administration system, which handles State Supplemental rebates in addition to CMS rebates. Provides direct web access for Pharmaceutical manufacturers to invoices and supporting claims detail. Tracks prior quarter adjustments and provides for reconciliation of invoices between the state and manufactures. Produces electronic invoices as per CMS specifications in addition to paper and downloadable invoices.

We built a Narcotic/Controlled Substance reporting system (PDMP) used in dozens of states for reporting by all pharmacies all prescriptions for controlled substances. This includes both data collection and data analysis. The data collection includes a variety of upload methods and has been effective with all pharmacies, large and small. The data analysis includes innovative geographical analysis, and fuzzy matching of recipients which has come to redefine requirements for competitors. Access is afforded to Law Enforcement and physicians, so extensive security mechanisms are contained throughout.

We built a Medical claims clearing house system to allow large numbers of physicians to submit claims electronically for editing and reformatting for submittal to payers. This was in the days of dialup modems. Also provided server hardware, communications hardware, OS and DB software, and extensive troubleshooting and support.

Real-Time Response, Reporting and Data Management

We built a Prescription Drug Prior Authorization system, which processes requests for all Medicaid Prescriptions needing Prior Authorization for several states. Implements fast analysis of Prescription requests, patient history and Prior Authorization rules to determine if PA can be granted online. Includes real-time communication with the state's MMIS vendors using NCPDP socket based processes. This is working with two different vendors, and is a 24x7 system with significant SLAs.

We built a Personal Auto Liability Verification system, provides for real-time inquiry from Law Enforcement and other government agencies 24x7 with strict monetary SLAs. Access is provided both via Web Services and socket based TLETS law enforcement protocol. This system handles millions of queries a week.

Data Entry

We built several high-volume, high-accuracy, high-productivity data entry systems for large scale entry of forms from scanned images. These support hundreds of concurrent users, and provide significant analysis of speed, bottlenecks, automatic image positioning. These systems support large efforts in major states where other vendors have previously failed. Applications include Accident Reporting, State Income Tax, DMV Titles

Data Conversion

We have performed several data conversions from other vendor's application to those we developed. Usually with minimal cooperation from the prior vendor.

DBA and System Management

Completely supported a local equipment factory for many years, providing all servers, networking, RF, terminals, printers, software, cabling, and support.

Sold, installed, and supported servers for law offices.

Sold, installed, and supported servers for doctor's practices.

Sold, installed, and supported Business Basic custom accounting systems, including conversion from legacy SCO Unix hardware.

Managed hundreds of Progress databases, up to 100Million records each, through dozens of disk failures. Did DB and application tuning many times for substantial gains.

Have done troubleshooting of dozens of disaster situations, figuring out what really broke while everyone else is panicking.


Many of the systems we have built contain highly private information, which would be of interest to potential attackers and we have spent years architecting systems with multiple layers of defenses against such attacks thus far with success.

While it is not a major part of our work, we do perform periodic external penetration tests for clients and help them mitigate the results.


We have regularly dealt with interfacing and testing application systems across complex collections of networks, VPNs, proxies, and firewalls.


We have written and given week-long classes in both beginning and advanced unix/linux. We retain rights to said classes.

We have been a contract instructor for Progress, giving week-long Programming in Progress courses.

Worked extensively with client developers, providing hardware installation, development methodologies, technical advise.

Application Experience

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